A good Cruise with friends, family or loved ones
Sail aboard a private sailing yacht and luxury vessel. Put up your feet on the fly bridge or relax in the aft deck. SV Carinthia is a 44’ stable catamaran with high clearance – heeling is minimized and you will be in the trusted hands of an ocean going captain.



once in a lifetime anchorages and experiences

as seen in the movie castaway
Fresh and ocean air: As you step on board, listening to the waves softly crashing against the hull of the vessel. High above you, the sun is shining on the water, providing a bright blue glow to the afternoon. As you take in the ocean breeze all around, a sense of peaceful grace comes over you. To many, this is the power of the ocean, a calm and gentle place to relax.
clear your soul
clear your soul and jump right in



unforgettable sunsets – there are 365 days each year – how often do you get to enjoy a memorable sunset